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10 Reasons to Choose Hereditree as your Family Tree Software

As a genealogist, you probably know the importance of ready access to your research, and the inconvenience of having to resort to printouts to get a clearer picture of your information.

Hereditree Family Tree Software solves this problem by delivering your information in an intuitive and easy to read format.

Navigation Screen

1. Five Generations at Once

Hereditree's unique Navigation Screen shows both Ancestors and Descendants in the one display.

With Hereditree you no longer need to switch between ancestor and family views to get the full picture of your family tree relationships.

Navigation is also a breeze: simply left click to navigate and right click to view a person's life events.

Children Display

2. All Children are Visible

With Hereditree you get to see all of the children belonging to a person. Not just those of the currently selected relationship.

Children are colour coded according to gender, with those in grey indicating that they are not the product of the currently selected relationship.

Sibling View

3. Full and Half Siblings

With Hereditree also you get to see all of the siblings of a person, whether they share both or only one parent.

As with children, they are colour coded according to gender, and if only one parent is shared, a small dot appears to the left of the sibling. Pink if the mother is the common parent, and blue if it is the father.

Events Display

4. Scrollable Event Display

Hereditree's Person Display delivers all life events in a single expandable display, with notes, images and sources a single mouseclick away.

No more popup screens blocking important information!

Source Display

5. Colour Coded Source Quality

In Hereditree, sources quality is colour coded according to reliabilty allowing you to quickly review information quality.

In addition, clicking on these icons displays formatted source details immediately below the event without blocking the actual information you are interested in.

Search Screen

6. Smart Search

Hereditree's smart searching capability makes it easier for you to find people using given, middle and/or last names.

Entering 'Mary' will even bring up 'Rosemary'

No longer do you need to scroll through a sorted index of names to find the person you're loooking for.

Census Display

7. Centralised Census Information

With Hereditree, you enter Census information only once and then connect it to as many people as required.

Not only that, but when you view a person's details, all that Census information is only one mouseclick away.

Picture Display

8. Centralised Picture Storage

As with census information above, you enter an image only once and then connect it to as many people as required.

Connected images appear in the Person display and may be zoomed in and out of as required.

9. Total Data Portability

Hereditree stores all your information, including pictures, in a single file for maximum portability and ease of backup. No more orphaned pictures when you move your data.

10. Software Assurance

Hereditree Family Tree Software is backed with a free 2 Year Software Assurance Plan which entitles purchasers to all updates and new features released during that period.
So when we're satisfied that a new feature is ready, you'll get it straight away.