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Connecting  a Census
To reduce data entry and to minimise the amount of disk space required to store information, Hereditree enables you to link a single census record to many individuals. 
To connect an individual to the current Census Record, click the Connections Button on the Census Screen toolbar to display the following screen
Selecting a person in the Census Grid automatically filters the Search Grid records. However, if required you may override the default filter by changing the values in the Given Names and Last Name edit boxes. 
Given and Last Name boxes are capable of filtering on part names (ie, 'Al' if the Given name box will result in Alice, Albert and Ralph).
If Date Checking is enabled  a Date Match column will appear in the right of the Search Grid which will indcate a degree of match based on the recorded birth years.
Date checking does not currently work for persons whose recorded age in the census is not in whole year values.
To connect a person to the Census Record click the Connect Button.