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Try Before You Buy
Hereditree Family Tree Software is made available to you on a 'try before you buy' basis to allow you to make an informed choice about the genealogical software you want to use.
The evaluation version is fully functional with the following limitations:
Persons may only be added to Hereditree family tree files of up to 100 individuals, and
Hereditree family tree files may not be exported to Gedcom file format.
Gedcom family tree files with more than 50 persons may be imported into Hereditree for review but no further addition of persons will be possible.
Purchasing Hereditree Family Tree Software:
Removes the 50 person limit on adding individuals to a Hereditree file,
Entitles you to upgrades to Hereditree free of charge for 12 months from date of purchase,
Instructions on how to purchase Hereditree, including current pricing and payment methods, may be found at