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System Requirements
Hereditree Family Tree Software Requires:
Microsoft Windows ® XP or Windows ® Vista.
16 Bit High Color or greater graphic capability.
800 x 600 Screen Resolution.
256 MB Ram.
20 MB of Diskspace for the application, and
Available diskspace for each Hereditree file.
The amount of diskspace required for each Hereditree Family Tree file is dependent upon the number of individuals, marriages, census information, and pictures that it contains. 
As an example, a file with 500 individuals and 20 pictures (at 300 dots per inch scanned resolution) requires around 6 MB of diskspace. Without the pictures, around 1 MB of diskspace. 
The amount of diskspace required to store a picture is dependent upon its scanned resolution. The higher the resolution, the greater the required diskspace.