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Adding a Father
To add a Father to the Selected Individual, Click the Add Button on the Navigation Screen Toolbar and select the a Father menu item.
Once you have entered the known details of the father into the Add a Person screen, click on the Next Button at the top right of the screen.
You will then be prompted to either:
Add a new person to the family tree file as the Mother of the Selected Individual; or
Select the Mother of the Selected Individual from existing Hereditree records.
Choose the former option if the mother is not already entered into the Hereditree family tree file, even if no details of the mother are known. 
If the Mother already exists in the Hereditree file, select the mother by clicking on the record in the grid and then click the Select as Mother Button. If required the grid may be filtered by Given and Last Names.
Once a mother has been selected or added, the Spousal Relationship screen will appear. Enter any known marriage or relationship details and then click the Finish Button to complete the adding of the Father (and mother) to the Selected Individual.
Please note that unavailable options are disabled and grayed out.
For example, you may only add a Mother or Father to the Selected Individual if none already exist. If you wish to add a different person as a parent to a Selected Individual you must first Disconnect the existing parents.