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Adding a Child
To add a Child to the Selected Individual click on the Add Button on the Navigation screen toolbar and select the a Child menu item.
Note that you can only add a Child to a Selected Individual whose Gender has been specified as Male or Female.
Once you have entered the known details of the Child into the Add Person Display, Click the Next Button to proceed to the screen from which the other parent of the Child may be selected.
You will then be prompted to either:
Option 1. Add a new person to the Hereditree family tree file as the other parent of the Child; or
Option 2. Connect the other parent of the Child from the currently listed partners of the Selected Individual, or
Option 3. Select the other parent of the Child from existing Hereditree records.
Choose the first option if the other parent is not already entered into the Hereditree file, even if no details of the other parent are known.
If the other parent already exists in the Hereditree family tree file, select the parent by clicking on the highlighted record in the grid that contains the parent.
Enter the marriage details (if any) and click on the Finish Button at the top right to complete the action.