Hereditree's unique Navigation Screen

1. 5 Generations in one easy to read display
2. Mouse over for Great Grandparent details
3. Marriage dates
4. Drop down displays of Aunts/Uncles by clicking the arrow
5. Integrated toolbar for ease of access to actions

6. Status bar: File size and Number of Persons
7. Number of offspring
8. Wrap around Name display
9. Mouse over for full birth/death date display
10. Scrollable Children and Sibling displays when required

Hereditree's Person Display

1. Chronological Events based display
2. Person number
3. Double Click to view all event details
4. Integrated toolbar for ease of access to actions
5. Click these Books to dropdown Source or Census details

6. Quick access Navigation buttons
7. Wrap around event text
8. Dropdown Census details
9. Quick access buttons for family and pictures
10. Scrollable event display when required